Fader 2 Drone Review: Lightweight, User-friendly, and High-quality Camera

Are you searching for a lightweight and user-friendly drone that can capture stunning photos and videos? Look no further than the Fader 2 Drone.

With its high-quality camera and advanced features like obstacle avoidance and intelligent flight modes, this drone is perfect for both beginners and experienced users.

Its durable materials and sleek design ensure long-lasting performance, while its foldable design makes it easy to transport.

Although some users have mentioned that the flight time could be longer and the range limited, overall, the Fader 2 Drone offers great value for money.

Key Takeaways

  • The Fader 2 Drone has a sleek and aerodynamic design, made of high-quality plastic materials.
  • It features a powerful 3.7V, 850 mAh rechargeable battery that lasts up to 10 to 15 minutes of flight time.
  • The drone is equipped with an integrated HD camera with a maximum resolution of 1080p and a 3-axis gimbal for camera stabilization.
  • It offers advanced features such as obstacle avoidance, FPV, intelligent flight modes, and GPS integration for maintaining position in the air and returning to the starting point.

Design and Build Quality

The Fader 2 drone's sleek and aerodynamic design, made of high-quality plastic materials, ensures a lightweight and durable build that you'll appreciate. Its streamlined shape allows for smooth and efficient flight, while the sturdy construction ensures that it can withstand the occasional bump or crash without breaking. The propellers are made of a flexible material that absorbs impact, further enhancing its durability. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced drone pilot, you'll appreciate the Fader 2 drone's design and build quality, as it provides a reliable and enjoyable flying experience.

Product Specs:

  • Sleek and aerodynamic design
  • Made of high-quality plastic materials
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Propellers made of flexible material for impact absorption
  • Special features like obstacle avoidance, FPV, and intelligent flight modes


  • High-quality camera
  • Reliable flight performance
  • Durable build
  • Advanced features
  • Good value for money


  • Limited flight time
  • Requires skill to fly
  • May require additional equipment
  • May have connectivity issues

fader 2 review

Flight Performance and Stability

Maintaining stability and providing a visually pleasing experience, you'll appreciate the Fader 2 drone's advanced flight performance. With its powerful flight control software, this syma drone offers stable hover and intuitive controls, allowing you to effortlessly navigate the skies. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced pilot, the Fader 2 drone's flight performance will impress you.

Reviewers have praised the Fader 2 drone's stability in the air, thanks to its advanced flight control system. With GPS integration, this drone can maintain its position and even return to its starting point with precision. Its long range of up to 500 meters gives you the freedom to explore and capture breathtaking aerial footage.

The Fader 2 drone's flight performance goes hand in hand with its stability. Its ability to hover steadily in the air allows you to capture smooth and steady footage. With intuitive controls, you can easily maneuver the drone and execute impressive aerial maneuvers.

Camera and Image Quality

Capture stunning photos and videos with the Fader 2 drone's integrated HD camera, ensuring high-quality visuals for all your aerial adventures. The camera on the Fader 2 drone allows you to record video in maximum resolution of 1080p, providing clear and detailed footage. Whether you're a hobbyist, enthusiast, or simply someone who loves aerial photography, the Fader 2 drone's camera and image quality will not disappoint.

The Fader 2 drone's HD camera is equipped with a 3-axis gimbal, ensuring camera stabilization and smooth footage even during high-speed flights or windy conditions. This feature is especially important for those who want to capture professional-looking videos. With its advanced technology, the Fader 2 drone allows you to capture breathtaking aerial shots that rival those taken by expensive professional cameras.

The Fader 2 drone's camera is also perfect for FPV (First Person View) enthusiasts. FPV drones provide a real-time live view through the camera, allowing you to see exactly what the drone sees. This immersive experience makes flying the Fader 2 drone even more exciting and enjoyable.

When it comes to aerial photography, image quality is crucial. The Fader 2 drone's HD camera delivers sharp and vibrant images, ensuring that every detail is captured with precision. Whether you're capturing landscapes, wildlife, or special moments with friends and family, the Fader 2 drone's camera will exceed your expectations.

Battery Life and Charging

To maximize your flying time, make sure to fully charge the battery of your Fader 2 drone, which takes up to 120 minutes. This will ensure that you have enough power to enjoy a longer flight and capture stunning aerial footage.

The Fader 2 drone is equipped with a powerful 3.7V, 850 mAh rechargeable battery, which provides a flight time of approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Although the flight time may seem limited, it is important to note that this is common for drones in this price range.

The Fader 2 drone also features a foldable design, allowing for easy transportation and storage. This makes it convenient to take the drone with you on your adventures and capture amazing shots wherever you go.

Remote Control and App Features

The remote control and app allow you to easily navigate the Fader 2 drone and access its advanced features. With the remote controller in your hands, you have complete control over the drone's movements and can fly it with precision.

The app control feature adds another level of convenience, allowing you to control the drone directly from your smartphone or tablet. This means you can easily adjust settings, capture photos and videos, and even perform advanced flight maneuvers with just a few taps on your screen.

When it comes to features, the Fader 2 drone has it all. From auto take-off and landing to altitude hold, this drone is packed with functionalities that make flying a breeze. The full HD camera allows you to capture stunning aerial shots and videos, while the headless mode ensures that the drone always moves in the direction you want, regardless of its orientation.

Additionally, the live view via the app provides a real-time camera feed, giving you a first-person view of the drone's flight.

In drone reviews, the Fader 2 has received praise for its intuitive remote control and app interface. Users have found it easy to navigate through the various features and adjust settings to their liking. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced drone pilot, the Fader 2's remote control and app control capabilities make it a versatile and user-friendly option.

How High Can A Fader Drone Go?

Now that you know about the remote control and app features of the Fader 2 Drone, let's explore how high this drone can go.

  • The Fader 2 Drone has an impressive maximum altitude capability, allowing it to reach great heights during flight.
  • With the push of a button, you can easily control the altitude of the drone and adjust it according to your preferences.
  • The drone's advanced flight control software ensures that it maintains a stable altitude, even in challenging weather conditions.

When flying the Fader 2 Drone, it's important to keep in mind the regulations and guidelines set by aviation authorities regarding maximum altitude limits for drones. Always check the local laws and regulations before flying your drone to ensure a safe and legal flight experience.

The Fader 2 Drone offers a thrilling experience as you watch your surroundings from high up in the sky. Capture breathtaking aerial footage and stunning photos from a unique perspective. So, get ready to take your videos and photos to new heights with the Fader 2 Drone's impressive altitude capabilities.

How to Fly Fader 2 Drone?

Before flying the Fader 2 Drone, familiarize yourself with its controls and functions to ensure a successful flight experience. The Fader 2 Drone is the perfect beginner drone, designed to provide an enjoyable and user-friendly flying experience. Equipped with intelligent flight modes and brushless motors, this drone offers stable flight and smooth maneuverability.

To fly the Fader 2 Drone, start by performing a pre-flight check to ensure all components are working properly. Once you're ready to take off, use the controller's left joystick for throttle and yaw control, and the right joystick for pitch and roll control. Take advantage of the altitude hold feature to maintain a stable hover, and use the trim buttons to fine-tune the drone's orientation.

For a successful flight, start with gentle movements and gradually increase your control inputs as you gain confidence. Keep the drone within your line of sight at all times and be mindful of local regulations and restrictions. It's also recommended to have extra batteries on hand to extend your flight time and maximize your drone's potential.

With its user-friendly features and reliable performance, the Fader 2 Drone is the perfect choice for beginners looking to explore the world of drones. So get ready to take to the skies and experience the thrill of flying with the Fader 2 Drone.

Durability and Weather Resistance

With its durable build and weather resistance, the Fader 2 Drone can withstand various environmental conditions. Whether you're flying in windy conditions or dealing with unexpected rain showers, this drone is built to handle it all. Here's why the Fader 2 Drone is known for its durability and weather resistance:

  • Protection frames: The Fader 2 Drone is equipped with sturdy protection frames that not only protect the propellers but also provide an extra layer of durability. These frames help to absorb any impacts and keep the drone safe during flights.

  • Weather resistance: Rain or shine, the Fader 2 Drone is ready to take flight. It is designed to withstand light rain and can continue flying without any issues. Its weather-resistant construction ensures that you can enjoy flying even in less-than-ideal weather conditions.

  • Warranties: To further guarantee its durability and weather resistance, the Fader 2 Drone comes with warranties that cover any manufacturers' defects. This means that if there are any issues with the drone due to its build or weather resistance, you can get it fixed or replaced hassle-free.

Value for Money and Competitive Pricing

The Fader 2 Drone offers great value for money with its competitive pricing and impressive features. In a market filled with expensive drones, the Fader 2 stands out by providing a high-quality camera, GPS integration, foldable design, and more, all at an affordable price. One of its notable features is the modular batteries, allowing you to easily replace and upgrade the battery for extended flight time. With its upgraded 850 mAh battery, you can enjoy up to 10 minutes of uninterrupted flight. Additionally, the Fader 2 Drone comes with a range of additional features such as altitude hold, headless mode, and a one-key return-to-home functionality. These features provide ease of use and make flying the drone a breeze for both beginners and experienced users. The Fader 2 Drone truly offers excellent value for money, providing impressive performance and advanced features at a fraction of the cost of other drones in its class.

BatteryUpgraded 850 mAh modular battery
Flight TimeUp to 10 minutes
Additional FeaturesAltitude hold, headless mode, one-key return

Pros and Cons of the Fader 2 Drone

You'll appreciate the high-quality camera and durable build of the Fader 2 Drone. It boasts a sleek and aerodynamic design, made of high-quality plastic materials that are lightweight yet durable. The propellers are made of flexible material, ensuring impact absorption and protecting the drone from crashes.

When it comes to flight performance, the Fader 2 Drone excels. It is equipped with advanced flight control software that allows it to maintain its position in the air and return to its starting point with GPS. The foldable structure makes it easy to transport and the optical flow sensor ensures a stable hover.

The Fader 2 Drone also comes with a range of advanced features. It has obstacle avoidance technology, FPV capability, and intelligent flight modes, giving you a seamless and intuitive flying experience. Additionally, it offers a quiet flight, allowing you to capture stunning aerial footage without any disturbance.

In summary, the Fader 2 Drone combines a high-quality camera, durable build, advanced features, and quiet flight capabilities. Its foldable structure and optical flow sensor make it a versatile and reliable choice for both beginners and experienced drone enthusiasts.

What Does the Fader 2 Drone Package Contain?

Inside the Fader 2 Drone package, you'll find everything you need for a successful flight. This includes the FADER 2 itself, a controller, a USB charging cable, a user guide, and replacement rotor blades.

The FADER 2 Drone is designed with a compact and portable design, making it easy to carry and transport to different locations.

The USB charging cable allows you to conveniently charge the drone's battery, ensuring that you have enough power for your flights.

The controller provides a control range of up to 80 meters, allowing you to maneuver the drone with ease and precision.

Additionally, the Fader 2 Drone has the capability to reach a maximum flight altitude of 10 minutes, giving you the freedom to explore the skies and capture breathtaking aerial footage.

With the replacement rotor blades included in the package, you can quickly replace any damaged blades and continue flying without any interruptions.

Overall, the Fader 2 Drone package provides all the essential components for an enjoyable and successful flight experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take to Fully Charge the Fader 2 Drone?

It takes up to 120 minutes to fully charge the Fader 2 Drone.

What Is the Maximum Range of the Fader 2 Drone's Controller?

The maximum range of the Fader 2 drone's controller is 80 meters. You can fly the drone within this distance and still maintain control, allowing you to explore and capture amazing aerial footage.

Does the Fader 2 Drone Have a Follow Me Mode?

Yes, the Fader 2 drone does have a follow me mode. It uses GPS integration to track your movements and automatically follow you, capturing your adventures from a unique perspective.

Can I Control the Fader 2 Drone Using My Smartphone?

Yes, you can control the Fader 2 Drone using your smartphone. It has a live view feature via the app, allowing you to see the real-time camera feed and control the drone remotely.

Does the Fader 2 Drone Come With a Memory Card for Storing Photos and Videos?

Yes, the Fader 2 Drone does come with a 4 GB MicroSD card for storing photos and videos. It's a convenient feature that allows you to capture and save your aerial footage.


In conclusion, the Fader 2 Drone is a lightweight and user-friendly option that offers advanced features and a high-quality camera.

While some users have mentioned limitations in terms of flight time and range, the drone still provides good value for money with its durability and performance.

Its sleek design, obstacle avoidance, FPV, and intelligent flight modes make it suitable for both beginners and experienced users.

With its foldable design and GPS integration, the Fader 2 Drone is a convenient and reliable choice for capturing stunning aerial photos and videos.

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